SERVICES: Penetration Testing

Protect your Organization from Cybercrime
Red Team experts that can help test your security posture

With the ever-expanding remote workforce, cybercriminals are finding new corporate vulnerabilities and pathways for hacking into networks. We can help you discover your organization’s weaknesses through penetration testing. We can also show you how to secure your systems and then help you design a continuity plan for the future.

How we help

Penetration testing is a simulated cyberattack that identifies weaknesses within a business and explains what could happen if an attacker were to exploit them. Our services help customers understand their vulnerabilities in-depth. We take the burden of identifying risks and present our findings in a clear report for your business leaders and technical teams; all delivered remotely. We offer three levels of penetration testing from a quick check to a deep investigation.

  • Thorough scanning of infrastructure and applications
  • Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)
  • Aggregation of information and results
  • Hacker’s view of the system
  • High-quality report

  • Everything included in Quick Check+
  • Realistic hands-on testing, beyond scanner results
  • Findings are validated and analyzed
  • Report information is filtered and curated

  • Deep investigation using BlackHat tactics
  • Simulated real-world attacks
  • Tests the reaction time of your security team
  • Custom attacks developed for your organization

Executive Summary

  • Summary of the assessment goals, as well as concise explanations of the threats that the organization is exposed to from a business perspective.



  • Detailed, technical definition of each finding along with steps taken and proof of the finding.


Conclusion & Recommendations

  • Recommendations and a summary of the issues found during the security assessment and a prioritization recommendation.

Ransomeware - Who's Next?

This 1-hour webinar is geared towards IT and Security professionals responsible for organizational data.

Hear what the CANCOM Group’s CISO, Marcel Reifenberger, and David Long, Cyber Security Practice Manager, learned when they assisted customers who were breached. Find out how the attacks happened, what could have prevented the attacks, and how the organizations recovered.

Why you may be vulnerable

  • Your organization may have been compromised before.
  • Your users may not be prepared for social engineering attacks.
  • It’s been too long since the last penetration test.
  • Your organization is routinely targeted. 
  • Your competitors were breached.