SERVICES: Rack Integration

Integration Services
Rack and mobility integration services
Our Methodology

    Design and validation of rack elevation or component specification.


    Full lifecycle logistics, order and inventory management, audit and reporting.

  • 3. BUILD

    Qualified, certified and experienced engineers build from Blueprint with precision and quality.

  • 4. TEST / QA

    Testing and QA ensure predictable and repeatable outcomes.


    Transport and shipping arrangement to ensure direct flow of goods from our dock to your door.

Start 2 Finish

Centered around customer satisfaction, our Project managers ensure a high level of communication while ensuring seamless delivery.

QA assassins validate specifications, assure high standards of quality and truly assassinate defects prior to your goods leaving our dock.

Full Rack or Component Integration

Fully integrated racks or individual components, server, clients and more. All shipped worldwide.

  • Receiving & Inventory
  • Consigned Reports
  • Inventory Audits

  • Preparation and Staging
  • Full Rack Integration

  • Burn-In Procedures
  • Vendor Testing
  • Issue resolution

  • Information Validation
  • Extensive QA
  • QA Documentation and Sign Off

  • Shock Pallet, Full Crate and custom options
  • Dock to Data Center, teams meet shipments at DC

Mobile Device Lifecycle Integration

Procurement, logistics and rollout. Everything from a single source.

  • Laptops, mobile phones, tablets
  • Unpacking, Labeling, Scanning, Labeling, Basic Setup, Cleaning, Packaging
  • Install SIM card
  • Create manufacturer account
  • Registration to a management software
  • APP with data volume
  • Arrangement of the APPs according to customer specifications
  • Personalization, customizing settings, changing SIM PIN
  • Shipping to desired address
  • Fully charge the battery