Hybrid IT
Modernizing Data Centers, Hardware and Applications

To deliver success, many organizations need to stabilize, migrate, transition, or transform to different degrees within their IT environment. Organizations have different challenges and constraints, so hybrid IT means different things to different people. A clear understanding of what it means to your business, defined in an informed Hybrid IT strategy is key. By identifying and implementing the right mix of technological change, across solutions and services, we have helped our customers to achieve desired benefits and outcomes.

Benefits & Outcomes

  • In tandem with the technical solutions, build the operational readiness and capabilities required for new modes of operation.
  • Ensure the right teams, structures, processes, and skills exist to support new and innovative ways of delivering IT.
  • Augment teams with flexible resourcing and support services to ensure new technologies and investments can be fully leveraged.

  • Achieve greater flexibility when you can deploy any workload, anywhere, across physical and virtual environments. Enabling you to scale up or down depending on your requirements for space, data, and resources.
  • Deliver improved visibility into workload utilization, costs, and options for optimization.
  • Enhance collaboration when you enable all files and data to be accessed anywhere, on any device, and at any time.

Extra layers of protection against cybersecurity threats. Your data is securely stored and regularly backed up, often in secondary data centers to ensure minimal disruption. Enabling consistent policies and security across your environment.

Modernizing your apps and delivering them from the optimum and sustainable platform, to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization: from private, public, or managed cloud, or your on-premises data center.

When your applications and data are in the cloud, you only pay for what you use; the pay-as-you-go model is based on your needs and the number of users. You no longer need to invest in hardware or worry about the costs associated with maintaining them.

How we help

Hybrid IT is at the heart of what we do. It’s part of our DNA. We’ve been delivering hybrid environments since the arrival of cloud. We identify and deliver the right mix to achieve the best outcomes, from flexibility and security to efficiency and productivity. Which enables our customers to grow and innovate.

Using our proven methodology, we’ll work with you to fully understand your existing IT estate and requirements for the future. Through technical assessment services, we’ll ensure you can be confident your services and applications will work in whatever cloud solution is right for you.

Whether a private, native, hybrid, or multi-cloud model is right we’ll discover and assess multiple aspects of your business to inform the best way forward. We’ll uncover those pockets of hidden shadow IT. Then create a clear plan for bringing everything together under enterprise-ready control.

  • Strategy & best-practice consulting
  • Conceptual data center design and architecture
  • Consulting for and implementation of converged and hyper-converged concepts
  • Infrastructure optimization for rack and power distribution
  • Local vs. Hybrid vs. Cloud approaches for Compute, Storage, Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Business Continuity and Risk Management analysis
  • Disaster recovery plans, tests, and workflows tests for business safeguarding
  • Disaster Recovery for physical and virtual environments
  • DR-as-a-service concepts

  • Backup strategies: Local, Cloud, and Site-to-Site
  • Backup-as-a-service concepts
  • E-mail and file archiving solutions
  • Software vs. Appliance

  • Software Defined Storage options
  • Hyper-Converged Solutions
  • Modern SAN, NAS and Object storage Solutions
  • All-flash and hybrid storage systems

  • Architecture and Design
  • Multi-vendor strategy and consulting
  • Hyper-Converged Solutions
  • Modern technologies such as NVMe, NVDIMM and more
  • GPU solutions
  • Solutions for every environment – Blade, rack mount, Composable, multi-node