CLOUD: Slack to Teams Migration Services

Slack to Teams Migration Services
Migrate to Teams easily with our migration services

Are you a Slack and Office 365 customer? Swiftly consolidate and migrate your Slack Channels or other Microsoft Teams into Teams. If you’re looking to clean up or clean out data, are on a tight timeline, or an even tighter budget, we can help. 

Three Step Migration Process

Gain insight to improve migration project planning. Find out what's important, or just collecting dust. Understand your existing architecture to avoid potential risks or pitfalls. See which Teams Channels need to be discarded, re-worked, or migrated as-is. 

Migrate Slack and Microsoft Teams content, including public channels, private channels, users, files, and more, into Teams to achieve your desired Teams information architecture. Then map, filter, and schedule the move, or just migrate in real time.

Track migration progress and status with dynamic dashboards and detailed insights to validate your migration, generate reports that highlight actions taken, and always be in the know with automated updates sent directly to stakeholders.

Pre-Migration Analysis

  • Get all the details. Understand your existing information, including the total number of Public or Private Channels, membership, and data size. Export to CSV for deeper analysis.
  • Create a plan. Create migration plans or a Plan Group in which multiple plans can be added according to your project timetables – define the scope, filter policy, method, and schedule. Plans can be reused in the future.


  • High speed. Migrate at top speeds using built-in Microsoft best practices. Use prime APIs to bulk upload the content within your migration scope into Azure BLOB storage plus App tokens for Microsoft 365 authorization to minimize throttling risks.
  • Automated mapping. Map Slack Channels to Teams accurately and automatically based on name with a simple operation. Then, adjust mappings as necessary.
  • Continue the conversation. Leverage Microsoft newest Import API to migrate Slack/Teams conversations and messages to new team while preserving the message sender, timestamp, reply chain, inline images and rich text with greater fidelity and less throttling.
  • One-to-one or many-to-one Slack Channel migration. Migrate each Slack Channel into its own Team, or consolidate multiple Slack Channels with similar membership into one Team with multiple Teams Channels.
  • Tenant-to-Tenant Teams migration. Migrate Teams into other Microsoft 365 instances, or restructure within your current instance. Map Channels individually to ensure your information architecture reflects the way you work.
  • Take only what you need. Selectively include or exclude Teams sites and mail while migrating Teams structure, members, and conversations. Teams channel tabs including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, Website, and Document Library can also be preserved during migration. Planner, SharePoint, List, and other channel tabs can also be preserved during migration.
  • Migrate on your time. Set up a schedule or migrate in real time.


  • Track progress. Monitor your migration status and progress on the migration dashboard. For more detailed performance and throttling insights, configure a migration database (simply set up a SQL connection!) and use our Power BI Templates.
  • Validate your migration. Report on migrated data volumes as well as number of Channels that successfully migrated. Under- stand migration trends across sources and destinations.
  • Exec-level analysis. Download or email executive reports on job count and status, object count and status, and migration trend analysis to highlight the actions taken during the migration.