Starting out with Microsoft Cloud
Your fast track to the Azure Cloud platform
Azure FastStart

Embracing a Microsoft hybrid cloud solution can often be quite daunting and a challenge to many IT organizations. Through our wealth of experience we’ve created a service that delivers the base configuration of an Azure environment back in with a standardized approach.

Benefits & Outcomes

We have developed proprietary software to help accelerate the deployment of the foundations for Azure. Our service is also delivered by a highly skilled Azure consultant who will cross-train your team in the process. You receive the advantage of our expertise and years of practical know-how. 

  • IT becomes an enabler for cloud adoption and innovation
  • Removes the lead time and complexity of setting up Azure
  • Provides a hybrid identity solution to build upon
  • Ensures best practices for security and Azure principals are adopted
  • Helps address internal skills gaps with new cloud technology

How we help


Configuration of the Azure subscriptions and public namespaces.


Configuration of Azure Active Directory and federation services to set up hybrid identity ready for consumption via Microsoft Cloud services, including Azure and Microsoft 365.


Configure the Subscription and tenant security policies, including resource groups and base network security groups.


Configure base storage accounts ready for resources to be placed in storage containers.


Configure a site-to-site VPN for secure hybrid cloud operations.


Define role-based access and administration models for the Azure tenant, plus follow-up the delivery work with an onsite strategy workshop.

  • CANCOM expert
  • CANCOM Azure build
  • CSP contract (if required)
  • Azure Strategy / Workshop