Cloud Migration

We can help you to ‘Lift & Shift’ volumes from your data center to the cloud 200% faster with 99.999% uptime, guaranteed. 

With our partner, Buurst, we can help you to enable data migration from one platform to another, from on-premises to cloud (Lift & Shift), while maintaining continuous synchronization. Buurst SoftNAS can move applications onto Azure or AWS, without re-engineering traditional or legacy applications. With multi-protocol support—NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI, AFP—your on-premises workload can swiftly migrate without needing to rearchitect your applications. It also maintains folder structures and access permissions to ensure your end users have a seamless experience. During a Lift & Shift migration, SoftNAS accelerates global bulk data movement up to 200% faster than standard migration tools, even over high latency, noisy networks.

  • Create source and target virtual machines or instances
  • Configure ports and security groups
  • Configure FlexFile settings
  • Migrate a volume from source to target

Cloud Storage

We can help you cut your cloud storage costs up to 80%.

As your organization’s data needs continue to grow and demand more cloud storage, the cost to host your business-critical applications in the cloud may seem like a roadblock. But, you no longer need to let data storage costs keep you from migrating to the cloud. How? By reducing your cloud storage costs with deduplication, compression, and storage tiering. Combined, the Buurst SoftNAS solution can save you up to 80% on cloud storage.

  • Deduplication: Files are compared block by block; in most cases, data is reduced by 20-30%.
  • Compression: Compressing data can reduce storage cost by 50-75%. Use Cases: SQL, Web app content, Office documents.
  • Tiered Storage: Moves aging data from expensive, high-performance block storage to less expensive block storage.


Our cloud consultants will guide you through the entire process. We will simplify and ensure your team is trained and establish best practices for storing your data in Azure.

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