CANCOM: Executive Board presents Vision 2025 and new sustainability strategy at Capital Markets Day

Rudolf Hotter (CEO), Thomas Stark (CFO) and the new member of the Executive Board Rüdiger Rath (COO) presented at CANCOM SE’s virtual Capital Markets Day.

– Vision 2025: Executive Board sees potential for consolidated revenue of EUR 2.5 billion, consolidated EBITDA of EUR 275 million and Annual Recurring Revenue of EUR 450 million.

– New sustainability strategy includes net zero target for carbon dioxide emissions in 2027.

Munich, Germany, 29 November 2021 – CANCOM SE, the parent company of the CANCOM Group, held its virtual Capital Markets Day today. The Executive Board explained to the participating investors and analysts the key points of the existing corporate strategy – the transformation to System House 4.0 – as well as a new Vision 2025 following the successful sale of the business activities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. With Vision 2025, the Executive Board concretises the growth potential of the CANCOM Group, which is to be realised through the further development of the business model and company acquisitions in the DACH region. Rudolf Hotter, CEO of CANCOM SE, cited consolidated revenue of EUR 2.5 billion, EBITDA of EUR 275 million and Annual Recurring Revenue of EUR 450 million as guidelines for the company’s medium-term development.

“We see great development potential in the current market environment and the evolution of IT towards cloud-based hybrid environments. We have an excellent offering in the crucial future topics of cybersecurity, data analytics, cloud managed services, hybrid infrastructures and mobile working, as well as a well-filled bank account for M&A. Consequently, we are aiming for a very dynamic corporate development in the coming years,” said Rudolf Hotter, CEO of CANCOM SE.

In addition to this ambitious vision and the key principles for its implementation, the new CANCOM sustainability strategy was presented. For the first time, this strategy sets transparent, measurable targets for various indicators in the areas of environment, social responsibility and governance. Among other things, CANCOM is committed to achieving a net zero target for carbon dioxide emissions from direct business activities by the end of the 2027 financial year at the latest.

Videos of the presentations by Rudolf Hotter, Thomas Stark and Rüdiger Rath as well as the associated presentations of the Capital Markets Day 2021 will be published on the website in the section Investors > Presentations & Events.

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